Fee Schedule

Includes 10 emails and 5 groups. Each email user and group after is an additional $10.

Business Email $100

Business Website $250

Basic website. Websites are dynamic and may require more features and robustness, which will increase prices. 

Process Engineering and Mapping $500

Basic business processes are engineered and mapped for convenience and standardization needs. Each process includes any software tutorials that are required in the carrying out of the process. 

Software Sourcing and Implementation $200 

Advanced Solutions will choose software best fitted for your company's needs and will configure and implement in practice. Depending on the software, price may increase or decrease.

Hourly Services $40

Basic hourly services not associated with a specific project or subscription.

Monthly Subscription $250

For basic support needs and after your free 90-day period of support after a project is completed. 

Cloud-based Digital Filing System $100

Included the setup of a digital, cloud-based file storage system. Migration of already-digital files included. Paper file migration not included, but can be added for an additional $0.10 per page. 

Digital Phone and Fax Setup $250

Includes setting up phones or apps on smart phones up to 10 users, a virtual receptionist, free digital fax line, phone number porting to new service, and cancellation of previous phone provider after number port completed. 

Bookkeeping per Month $500 

Includes data entry of expenses, revenues, transfers, and journal entries.

Business Startup $250

Includes the filing of any and all necessary and legal paperwork with your state's Secretary of State. Additional services available upon request.  

*These prices are estimates. A variety of extenuating circumstances may increase or decrease the price depending on the company. These are the prices Advanced Solutions charges its Clients and does not include any cost associated with software or subscriptions used in the carrying out of these services. 

Virtual Assistant per Month $500 

Includes basic administrative duties. Contact us for more information.