About the Founder and CEO: Cory Komac

•Bachelor’s of Science, Operations and Information Systems (Honor’s)

•Six Sigma Yellow Belt

•Experienced in Healthcare Administration

•Experienced in IT/IS Solutions

•Experienced in Multiple Fields of Operations Management

•Experienced in Medical Billing

•Experienced Consultant

•Puts Clients' Needs First

A Message from Cory:


At Advanced Solutions, LLC, I've created a work environment conducive to helping business and individuals reach their full potentials. Our goal is to provide excellent service, with a focus on individualized plans to help businesses and individuals succeed in their own ways. We expect superb customer service from our team members and are built to help each business or individual at their own speeds and with their own requirements. If someone isn't satisfied, we work until they are satisfied. We are a team of people that enjoy doing this type of work and interacting with businesses and individuals at a personal level.