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Enterprise-wide software solution for small businesses — only $37 per month when paid annually, or $44 monthly. We implement in just weeks. 

Wondering what it covers? Read below!


We will configure and implement all your business software needs, including website, starting at just $3,000! Includes any of the software options listed on our website below. 

Basic Websites

Starting at just $999, we can build you a website with a custom domain in one week!

About Advanced Solutions

Advanced Solutions is not your typical IT or business management company. Our revenue model is based on making you as self-sufficient as possible so that you can save money yourself. This also allows us to get you setup and going with minimal need for our continued support, and this allows us to help new and different Clients while also being able to support our past and current Clients. So it's a win-win for both of us if you can be as independent as possible. We do this by automating much of your business so that you and your team can concentrate on value-adding activities. Conversely, most management consulting and managed IT businesses have a goal in keeping you as dependent on them as possible. This costs you money and gives them a consistent revenue stream based on the perception that you can't manage your own business. We don't like that. Our job is to empower business owners to do the job themselves, do it well, and do it efficiently. We can be as involved in your operation as you want us to be. Just because you're a small- or medium-sized business doesn't mean you can't operate with corporate efficiency.

What else do we do?

Data Migration

Moving to a new email and software system can be daunting. We make it easy and migrate all of your data for you from your old accounts to your new accounts. 

Website Building

A business website is so important in this digital age. Get a landing page or something more robust and functional. 

Operations Optimization

Efficiency and effectiveness experts will analyze your business processes and make suggestions on where to cut waste and improve productivity all while decreasing costs. 

Start-up Management

We have the know-how to get start-ups off the ground. Whether it be software, process management, or navigating the legal requirements for business, we have you covered. 

Process Engineering + Automation

We will analyze your current business operations and provide suggestions for creating new, more efficient procedures, including the use of automation to cut down on non-value-adding activities. 

Logistics + Supply Chain

We can help you source your products, integrate your supply chain, and use advanced systems to source, procure, and keep track of everything your business uses. 

Marketing Solutions

Implement automated marketing solutions, including the use of email campaigns and analytics. 

Bookkeeping + Payroll

Automate your bookkeeping and spend less time on your accounting needs each month, all while becoming more organized with your receipts. 

Digital Advertising

We can help you advertise all over the Internet, from social media, to native ads, to site-specific. 

Home Automation

Let us come to your home to help with home automation, including smart products and appliances. 

Software Configuration

We will configure all your business software needs so that you're getting the absolute most out of what you're paying for. 

Ongoing Support

We're here to help! Contact us any time for simple tech support or purchase a monthly subscription for tech support. 

Fast Return On Investment

You may be thinking that your business can't afford business management consultants. Did you know that most businesses can recoup those costs in as a little as a few months? Future savings and increased sales generally significantly outsize the initial investment. So if you think about it, maybe you can't afford not to hire us!   

Did You Know?

Many small businesses are paying up to 400% more for their business software than they need to be. Often, small business managers will use the most popular software, which is also usually the most expensive and isn't any better than more cost-effective alternatives. For example, a business may use Quickbooks for bookkeeping and payroll. That would cost upwards of $100 per month alone.


Business management consultants are a little like GPS. You may get to where your going without it, but the journey will take longer: there will be dead ends, U-turns, you'll feel lost, and you may have to ask for directions. It's just better to get GPS.

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